Green Global Venture


Green Global Venture has been created in order to focus on the development of Renewable Energy Projects.


Following more than 15 years experience in the energy efficiency in Europe and Energy production sector in Southeast Asia, GGV has been created in order to concentrate these two activities under only one entity.


We are now specialised in Green Energy Production and Energy Efficiency Services.

Green Energy Producer

With more than 50 MWe of Renewable Energy running & under construction, GGV is continuously looking for new project to develop its our Portfolio and participate making effort for the Climate.


We have about 88 MWe under studying by our Engineering &Project Feasibility department, and more than 200 MWe in our projects pipeline.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is a new branch of our activity. We are doing consultancy services to improve & optimize the energy consumption of projects such as buildings, plants, engines in order to convert them into "Green Systems".


To achieve the acccomplishment of sustainable projects, our team focus on different phasis :


  1. Pre-audit with Surview & First Analysis
  2. Fix of the Basics - Optimizing Working Steps
  3. Global Audit
  4. Proposal of Optimizing Systems
  5. Test on Partial Location
  6. Analysis of Test Results 
  7. Launch of the global construction or Renovation with the Optimized Systems agreed by our customer


The final step is saving energy, saving money, and participate to the global effort for the Climate!


Energy Efficiency Department

Our Power Plants