Green Global Venture

150 People all around the world in our companies including :

60 people in our Energy Production Department

90 people in our Energy Efficiency Department

3 Countries : France, Singapore, Indonesia

Our Teams & Departments

Green Global Venture has been organized in order to optimize our efficiency to answer the needs of our clients and ustomers.


Under the responsibility of the President and the Board of Directors, six departments are covering all our needs. These six teams are working and do their best everyday in order to ensure the trust with our partners and achieve our targeted corporate and sustainable growth.

Energy efficiency Department


Operationnal & Maintenace

Business Development

Legal & Finance Departement

Quality & Project Management

Our Management Team

Our Management team has various experience giving a global look and overview on different sectors. All our management staff has previous experience in entrepreneurship, clean energy technologies, power plant management, asset management, business development, finance and risk management.


Beside the different skills, our strength is also in our open-minded Board of Directors and Board of Sharholders, thanks to our various nationalities: European France and Germany, Asian from Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, America from United States and Canada.