Green Global Venture

Our Future

Green Global Venture's mission is delivering the best power production to the national or local grid. Delivering the best in terms of competitiveness and sustainability of the power production plant.


Energy demands in Indonesia is growing everyday. We have to achieve Government's target before 2020 : Supply electricity to more than 90% of Indonesian people.

Our Vision

Green Global Venture's Vision is as simple as the following sentence :

"Do our best to answer the future"


All our projects are developed only if we think it will have an added value not only for us, but above all for our next generation.


Powering the world with clean & green power is for us a real conviction and a must to accomplish.


Energy Efficiency has to be continuously developed in order to find the best power optimization of any building, plant or engine, in order to ensure that we will be in the right way and reduce our global world consumption.