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News Update: PLN and the General Plan of Electricity


News Update: PLN and the General Plan of Electricity

PLN and a RUPTL new version

Energy Ministry, Sudirman Said, said that President Jokowi has requested that the construction of 35,000 MW of electricity project to be evaluated. In such a case, PLN has to evaluate tender project, financial issue and management electricity. This request has been triggered by investors to Indonesia government’s ability to continue the project. Because of that, Sudirman Said has confirmed, stakeholders need to agreed for realizing the big Megaproject.


 The Ministry of Energy has sent a letter to PLN on May 12, which one requested to immediately submit the revision of the General Plan of Electricity (RUPTL), before 20 May, 2016.. Head of the Communication Center at the Ministry of Energy, Sudjatmiko said that government’s approval for the business plan is crucial. This approval can be accessed by all stakeholders involved in the 35 GW power plan megaproject.


On May 20, finally PLN submitted the revised version of RUPTL according to the deadline.. At least three main points in PLN’s power supply business plan (RUPTL) has been revised; firstly, PLN needed to increase the new share in the renewable energy power plant construction with an amount of 23% National Energy Policy; secondly, PLN has to develop the eastern region and the outeremost region of Indonesia; third, PLN has to strengthen its their role into the management of electricity.


According to, the Ministry of Energy has emphasized PLN to include rural electrification program into RUPTL, the Minister said also PLN only get 5,000 MW of the 35,000MW project. Then PLN only has to focus on building power transmission.

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