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GGV participated at Bali Clean Energy Forum


GGV participated at Bali Clean Energy Forum

GGV participated at Bali Clean Energy Forum

Indonesia energy demand, needs to address domestic and global challenges on renewable energy and climate change. It is related with commitment of Indonesia at the Climate Change Summit in Paris (COP21). Indonesia has commited to reduce its greenhouse gas emmision by 29 per cent by 2025, by which time it has also vowed to source at least 23 percent of its power from renewable sources.


For the first step, Indonesia has been promoting the worldwide transition toward clean and sustainable energy by hosting the Bali Clean Energy Forum in February, 11 - 12 2016. Furthermore, Indonesia launched the Center of Excellent (CoE) for Clean Energy. This forum and the launch are two important to the global energy transition, which was established to facilitate with integration of research and development, investment and development of clean energy and related technologies. The Forum has attended by world energy ministers, private sectors, the experts in clean energy, and related international organizations estimated to reach 750 participants, including GGV.


GGV as a company that focus on the development of renewable energy, has mission to deliver the best power production to national or local grid based on sustainability project It has an interest to participate for helping and supporting Indonesia government’s plan to produce 35,000 MW electricity. Therefore, Bali Clean Energy Forum is a good forum to raise a relationship between GGV and Indonesian Government to embody the mission together.


Regarding to the government’s plan realization, GGV has been developing more than 50 MW of renewable energy and still running continuously. GGV has about 88 MW under construction and more than 150 MW under studying by engineering team and feasibility study department.


GGV realize, for the next generation, we have to commit and cooperate in bringing the renewable energy onto the electicity grid. Therefore, GGV asks for all stakeholders to participate in sustainable projects that in line with the vision of GGV, “Do Our Best to Answer the Future”.

GGV's Hydro Power Plant project progress GGV will develop a new Hydro Power Plant in Sulawesi, Indonesia