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GGV will develop a new Hydro Power Plant in Sulawesi, Indonesia


GGV will develop a new Hydro Power Plant in Sulawesi, Indonesia

A new 10 MW Hydro Power Plant for GGV Team

Along with fast community growth, rapidity of technology and industry development, electricity became the most crucial infrastructure of our lives. Based on statistic data from PLN in Indonesia, until 2013 the electrification ratio only reached 78% where in some area this ratio only reaches 60%. With an annual increase of electricity demand more than 9,5%, the government needs to accelerate the development of power capacity otherwise the national electrification ratio will worsen. Moreover, Indonesian energy supply is still depending  on fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal. Due to its limited availibility, in the next 15-20 years fossil fuel will not be any longer the main source energy. 


In that context, GGV has been encouraged by government of Indonesia to develop more power capacity in order to fulfill the increasing electricity demand. Government regulations has begun to concern about the provision and the utilization of electric power. In order to ensure the availability of this primary energy for power plants, it has to use local energy sources with the obligation to give priority to renewable energy.


Following more than 15 years experience in the Energy Efficiency in Europe and Green Energy Production sector in South East Asia, Green Global Venture has been created in order to focus on the development of Renewable Energy Projects. GGV is now working together with Goverment of Indonesia to provide electricity and green services all around the country.


Referring to that, GGV and local partner will develop, manage and operate a Hydro Power Plant with a capacity of 10 MW located in Sulawesi. The electrical power generated will supply the local industry and villages around. With a yearly production of 80.000 Mwh, this hydro power plant is one of the opportunity to increase electricity supply for this region.


GGV is proud to participate of the development of the economic growth of this area, by not only producing energy but also by giving opportunity to more than 100 people from local region to work on this project. Furthermore, with a duration of more than 20 years, this project is totally in line with the sustainable development project plan.

GGV participated at Bali Clean Energy Forum GGV under discussion with local partner to develop Solar Power Plant