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Energy Efficiency, a way to improve your daily life

Energy efficiency is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to combat climate change, clean the air we breathe, improve the competitiveness of our businesses and reduce energy costs for consumers. Green Global Venture is working with universities, businesses and international Labs to develop new, energy-efficient technologies while boosting the efficiency of current technologies on the market.

We provide simple solutions that allow you to access to programs like ECO and the Green Deal and help decrease the cost of installing technologies designed to maximize your building's energy savings.

Our Services

We provide our services to different kinds of clients & customers. Our goal is to deliver to our client a ready to set up solution, giving him some earnings from the first day of installation.

Commercial Buildings




Vehicles, and the fuel it takes to power them, are an essential part of global infrastructure and economy, moving people and goods across the world.

From funding research into technologies that will save money at the pump to increasing the fuel economy of gasoline-powered vehicles to encouraging the development and deployment of electric and alternative fuel vehicles, GGV wants to provide consumers with new technologies and a full range of services to optimize their way of life regarding the use of their vehicles.

Our homes are a major source of energy use. Improving the efficiency of new and existing homes while educating consumers about their energy use will help consumers save money and increase the energy security.

GGV supports research and development on innovative technologies that save energy and money while also working with local governments, utilities and nonprofits to provide opportunities for families to make smart, cost-effective energy upgrades to their homes. From basic information on water heaters and insulation to home energy audits and appliances, GGV provides consumers with practical tips and advice on ways to cut their energy use.


Manufacturing is the lifeblood of every economy, providing jobs for hard working families and helping increase the countries competitiveness in the global marketplace.

GGV is committed to growing the manufacturing industry by helping companies become leaders in the production of clean energy technologies. GGV is also working with manufacturers to increase their energy productivity by implementing energy efficiency measures.


Commercial buildings have high energy needs and can put great strain on each nation's power grids during peak periods. Developing more efficient buildings helps ensure a steady supply of affordable power and significantly lowers operating costs for business.


GGV works to develop and deploy cost-effective solutions that help increase efficiency and reduce the cost of powering commercial buildings.


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